Division Outline

 Division of Career Development


The Division of Career Development offers the following services, working in close cooperation with the Career Development Office in the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies (ASAFAS):


  • Career Development Discussion Meetings

The Division holds meetings at which invited speakers influential at the forefront of various fields worldwide and ASAFAS alumni employed and active in industry, government, and academia discuss topics that they think particularly relevant with Kyoto University students. In today’s rapidly globalizing world, Japan’s relations with various regions of Asia and Africa continue to deepen and there is an ever-growing need in the corporate world and elsewhere for people with specialist knowledge in these regions. In addition to getting firsthand information about the different work, an awareness of the specialized knowledge and skills obtained through area studies and practically applicable in particular situations is a huge plus for students who want a challenging and rewarding career.


  • Career Consultation Information Desk

We offer consultations with staff in the Division of Career Development on career paths and employment opportunities available to graduate students and young researchers in area studies. For more information, press here.




FUJIKURA, Tatsuro, professor (the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies)

KONDO, Fumi, assistant professor (the Career Development Office for the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies)


Contact information

TEL: 075-753-9637
E-Mail:info-career AT asafas.kyoto-u.ac.jp

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