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 The Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies (ASAFAS), which is the main affiliation of students at the Center for On-Site Education and Research, wishes to create a network to help open out the career paths of our students and to promote exchanges between our alumni. We are therefore collecting as much data as we can on alumni and anyone who has worked or studied at ASAFAS. We would be grateful if you could provide us with any relevant information, regardless of whether you qualified with a master’s degree or a certificate of completion of the doctoral degree course requirements, or whether you completed your dissertation and obtained your full doctoral degree. We are also interested in information from those who have been affiliated as faculty members and researchers.


This information will not be made available to the public and will be used strictly either for the assistance of ASAFAS students, to provide them with contacts for advice and support, or to help ASAFAS alumni in the network to contact each other. We only give out details to other members of the network with express permission. If possible, we would like to make such information available at alumni gatherings and on the Kyoto University Alumni Network.


Please send us any information by downloading the Information_of_ASAFAS_Affiliates (Excel File) completing the relevant sections, and sending it as an attachment to the email address given below. On the form please be sure to complete the section that notifies us whether or not you give your permission for these details to be given out to members of the Network. We would be grateful if you could take a moment to complete this form.


The Career Development Office in the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies


Fumi KONDO (Vice Chief of The Career Development Office in the Graduate School of
                    Asian and African Area Studies)

Email: kondo(AT)

[please retype (AT) as @ sign]


  • Guide of alumni association admission (Fee free)


The alumni association of ASAFAS was established in April, 2007, aiming
at the mutual friendship of all members.


Those of you who would like to become members of the Network, please check the section for ‘Would like to join the Network’ on the Information_of_ASAFAS_Affiliates (Excel File), as well the section for “Publicize information to Alumni Network.”


The Secretariat of the alumni association will strictly manage the
member’s information and will use the information for the invitation of
the alumni association events.

We do neither make nor distribute the list of personal information of
our members to other persons or members without prior authorization from
the member concerned.