For alumni and companies/corporations

The Division of Career Development wishes to help open out career paths for students and to build and promote a network for exchange of information in collaboration with ASAFAS graduates and interested companies and corporations, with the help of the Career Development Office of the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, the main affiliation for most of students in area studies. We would be grateful for your help and cooperation.


For companies/corporations


  •  Job seeking assistance

The Division of Career Development has faculty members specially assigned to offering career guidance and direct consultation and advice on issues to do with job seeking to interested students in ASAFAS and all of the Kyoto University’s areas-studies-related programs. We hold Career Development Discussion Meetings for exchanges of views between invited speakers from the corporate world and faculty and students, and we offer information on job opportunities to students. [Read more…]


  •  Job vacancy announcements, and visits to Kyoto University

The Division of Career Development accepts job vacancy announcements aimed at students who have completed various stages of our area-studies-related programs and young researchers. Please let us know of such offers by sending an email to the faculty in charge listed below, or by visiting us in person. Job offers aimed at Kyoto University students in general may be posted on the WEB employment opportunities system on the “Career Support Room” page of the Kyoto University Career Support Center. [Read more…]



For ASAFAS alumni


  • Request for information

The Division of Career Development is keen to gather any information that will help build up our growing network of ASAFAS alumni and people who have been involved in ASAFAS. Whether you qualified with a masters degree, or with a certification of completion of the doctoral degree course requirements, or indeed whether you obtained your doctorate, please help us keep updated on your information. We are also interested in information from those who have been affiliated as faculty members and researchers. [Read more…]


  • Join ASAFAS Alumni Network (free of charge)

The Kyoto University ASAFAS Alumni Network was established in April 2007. Members comprise ASAFAS alumni who completed the degree program at various stages as well as presently enrolled students and teaching faculty. The aim is to make every effort to help everyone in the network to get to know each other, and to work for the continued growth and success of the graduate school. [Read more…]